I'm Christina and I'm the owner of Teacher Care Crate.

I am a female BIPOC small business owner, who grew up in a family of multiple teachers. I've witnessed first-hand the struggles that teachers face, and have learned that self-care is essential for any educator's mental and physical well-being. Teacher Care Crate was developed to help teachers let themselves rest. Each crate is filled with bath and body items, stylish wearables, treats, and inspirational art for your favorite teacher.

I'm passionate about helping teachers take better care of themselves and I love hearing from subscribers that they look forward to their crate each month.  My goal is bring joy to your mailbox— you deserve it!


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Ready to start making yourself a priority? Let Teacher Care Crate help.

Teacher Care Crate is your monthly reminder to take care of YOU. As a teacher, you dedicate yourself to your students every day. From planning amazing lessons to staying up late grading, we know you're pouring your heart into your job. But you can't keep pouring from an empty cup.

Let yourself rest with the Teacher Care Crate. Take a bath with a handmade bath bomb. Sip a cup of tea. Fill your space with inspirational art and fun decor. Your students matter, but so do you, teacher-friend.