30 Acts of Summer Self-Care for Teachers

30 Acts of Summer Self-Care for Teachers

Ah, summer! The ultimate perk of being a teacher. While we should be practicing self-care all year, summer is definitely an ideal time to catch up on any areas of self-care you may have neglected during the year.

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  1. Limit checking your work email.

  2. If you work on school stuff, set time limits.

  3. Sleep in.

  4. Cook a healthy meal.

  5. Reflect on the last year.

  6. Go for a walk.

  7. Enjoy a cocktail or mocktail. Bonus points if it has a paper umbrella!

  8. Visit a new place.

  9. Reconnect with friends.

  10. Relax outside.

  11. Have a picnic.

  12. Wear a cute outfit.

  13. Do something creative.

  14. Organize a space.

  15. Go for an adventure.

  16. Read a book for fun.

  17. Go for a bike ride.

  18. Journal.

  19. Make a smoothie.

  20. Catch up on doctors’ appointments.

  21. Practice a hobby.

  22. Learn something new.

  23. Explore your town.

  24. Go to lunch on a weekday.

  25. Declutter your space.

  26. Spend time with your family.

  27. Get your hair cut.

  28. Listen to a new podcast.

  29. Set goals for next school year.

  30. Set boundaries for next school year.

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