7 Reasons Teachers Should Practice Gratitude

7 Reasons Teachers Should Practice Gratitude

You’ve probably heard practicing gratitude is good for you, but did you know there are proven benefits? Here are a few of them:

  1. You’ll feel increased life satisfaction. If you think about it, it completely makes sense that you’ll feel more satisfied with your life if you regularly think about the positive aspects and feel grateful for them.

  2. It’s easier to fall asleep and you’ll have higher quality of sleep. Sleep is so critical as a teacher, so this is a big one!

  3. You’ll feel more optimistic. It can be easy to feel down as a teacher, especially when it feels like a school year is dragging on and one. Feeling more optimistic can only help!

  4. You’ll feel a stronger connection with others. Who doesn’t want stronger connections with students, coworkers, and friends?

  5. You may be less likely to become depressed. A regular gratitude practice has been shown to reduce your risk of depression, though of course there are many factors that affect your mental health.

  6. Your spouse will feel greater life satisfaction. Isn’t that wild? I know from experience that the stress of #teacherlife can sometimes strain your relationship with your partner. Wouldn’t it be great to make their life a little better too, just by practicing gratitude?

  7. You’ll feel less lonely. Even though you’re surrounded by students all day, teaching can still be lonely in a way. I sometimes felt isolated as a special education teacher, and I know other teachers with grade level teammates felt the same way.

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