Beat the Teacher Winter Blues

Beat the Teacher Winter Blues

During winter, the lack of sun and constant freezing temperature can seep into your life and cause the winter blues. Many times, you may feel like you want to spend the whole day under the covers of your bed, but as a teacher you have a very important job to do, and people counting on you! The winter blues is a mood disorder that can be characteristic of depression. But, by being aware of your mood, and using the following tips, you may be able to help ease the effects of the teacher winter blues.

1. Invest in warmth.

During winter, in colder climates, it's sweater weather! You will need the warmest of everything to beat the freezing weather, because feeling warm and comfortable is crucial for your happiness and self-care. Invest in warm outer wear like snow boots, snow pants, socks, and coats. When you are warm and cozy, you will feel better about making it through the winter. And a new, fun sweater purchase can raise endorphins too! 

2. Go somewhere warm.

During your free-time, or on weekends, plan a quick trip, book a reservation, and head somewhere warm. Or, maybe even a stay-cation! Aim for stay-cations that have spas with hot baths and saunas will help you relax -and beat the extreme cold. If you cannot find an affordable hotel or spa nearby, try indoor botanical gardens or conservatories which will serve you the warmth you seek.

3. Invite friends over.

Organize a get-together with your friends. As a result of the cold weather, you may find it hard to step out, so inviting your friends to your place is a fun alternative. Having friends over boosts your mood and reduces your stress. Hanging with friends is like free therapy. Spending time with friends will help you perk up during these winter seasons.

4. Declutter your space.

Winter is the best time to purge. When you purge, it will leave you feeling more organized and focused. For example, it is common for teachers to save supplies as the school year goes on. Start that spring cleaning early, purge some of the clutter, and take the time to organize your space. You will feel rejuvenated to continue with the second semester, and your students will be excited to return to your newly organized classroom. It's a win-win!

5. Try something new.

Winter is the best time to break your daily routines at school, and at home. Break your habit and find a new activity, like learning how to knit. Maybe you can also break the classroom monotony by coming up with a new project for your students. Why not take a different route home from the one you always use? When you change your novelty, it will improve the health of your brain and increase your memory and your overall learning capacity.

6. Read a book.

Stop fighting the short days and cold weather, and instead embrace them by settling into your favorite books. Or, listen to audiobooks as you enjoy the decadent feeling of being read to. Cozy up by a fire, or find your favorite comfy chair and blanket, get some warm cocoa, and disappear into your favorite stories!

7. Practice healthy habits.

Self-care is important during stressful times like winter. Exercising regularly and having a balanced diet reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. If you can manage to do warm-up exercises outdoors or by your window, do not hesitate to do it -the sunlight will increase your mood. These healthy habits will help strike a balance in your mind, body, and spirit.


8. Subscribe to monthly self-care.

Teacher Care Crate is the best teacher self-care subscription box, curated with the teacher in mind! It’s your monthly reminder to practice self-care, rest, and relax -because teachers need pampering too! Each month's box features inspirational art, bath & body items, on-trend accessories, and fun stationery items, to make your teacher heart happy!


Winter blues can sneak up on you, and get you down more than you're prepared for, as an educator. The good news is, by being aware of your mood and using the tactics discussed in the article, you can help ease the affects of teacher winter blues and get back to your cheerful teacher self -whom your students love!

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