July 2023 Teacher Care Crate Unboxing

July 2023 Teacher Care Crate Unboxing

Major spoilers ahead! If you like to be surprised, stop reading now!

If you want to know exactly what’s coming in the July 'Teacher Vacay Era' crate, watch the unboxing video above, and read below for more details!

Art Print  This month's crate is a fun collaboration with @jackiconeink! Time to get bask in teacher summer mode! Yay for travel & adventure!  {Retail Value: $8}

Zippered Jewelry Organizer Showcasing a soft & fuzzy fabric in a ocean hue, this jewelry organizer is sure to add a touch of class to your suitcase!  {Retail Value: $19}

Travel 'Pill Box' Its foldable and magnetic design offers double protection from randomly opening. Perfect for packing small items and meds!  {Retail Value: $12}

Favorite Jotter Pens You love them, so they're back! These cool colored jotter pens will be giving off 'cool teacher vibes' all year long!  {Retail Value: $12}

Motel Keychain  This cute 'ode to travel' will remind you of your summer trips on your way to teach your favorite people all of the things!  {Retail Value: $13}

Packing List Pad  You won't forget a thing when you use this packing list pad & check off with your favorite jotters!  {Retail Value: $10}

Stickers & Magnet Set  Designed by Jacki Cone Ink, these bright & sunny stationery items pack a tropical punch!  {Retail Value: $9}

Digital Downloads Scan the QR code to download your exclusive desktop wallpapers, teacher tokens, activity pages, and other bonus digital products - suitable for both students & teachers!  {Retail Value: $10}

Be sure to subscribe by 07/14/23 to get the 'Teacher Vacay Era' Teacher Care Crate as your first box!

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