March 2023 Teacher Care Crate Unboxing

March 2023 Teacher Care Crate Unboxing

Major spoilers ahead! If you like to be surprised, stop reading now!

If you want to know exactly what’s coming in the March 'Old School Vibes' crate, watch the unboxing and read below for more details!

Art Print This month's awesome art print is by Kiersten with @bloomingallyear. It is your reminder to make every day lite-bright! {Retail Value: $8}

Retro Hair Combs Get ready to bring back the 90's hair game with these bendy combs. Shiny embellishments modernize the look, which really never go out of style!  {Retail Value: $8}

Cassette Tape Bluetooth Speaker Nostalgic design with modern technology for the ultimate listening experience. Take your jams anywhere! {Retail Value: $22}

Chill Pill Shower Steamer Chillax in a calming shower experience with this Chill Pill steamer. Enjoy a refreshing eucalyptus scent and invigorating vapors. {Retail Value: $8}

Rad Mini Puzzle Take a mental break from the hustle and bustle with this 4x6" mini puzzle. Its rad 80s-inspired artwork is outrageous! {Retail Value: $12}

Neon Stapler & Staples Set  Elevate your desk game with our neon pink stapler & bright colored staples set. The ultimate 90's throwback! {Retail Value: $12}

Stapler Remover This staple remover is the bomb! Effortless, with a sleek and ergonomic design! {Retail Value: $3}

Digital Downloads Scan the QR code to download your exclusive desktop wallpapers, teacher tokens, activity pages, and other bonus digital products - suitable for both students & teachers! {Retail Value: $10}

Be sure to subscribe by 03/14/22 to get the 'Old School Vibes' Teacher Care Crate as your first box!

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