May 2022 Teacher Care Crate Unboxing

May 2022 Teacher Care Crate Unboxing

Major spoilers ahead! If you like to be surprised, stop reading now!

If you want to know exactly what’s coming in the May crate, watch the unboxing and read below for more details!


Art Print Inspire yourself and your students with this month's art print from Teacher Care Crate founder Sarah Forst of The Designer Teacher! {Retail Value: $8}

Roll-on Oil This plant-based insect repellent roll-on from Jubel Naturals features lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, tea tree, thyme, and rosemary to soothe skin and repel bugs. {Retail Value: $13}

Super Cactus Glow Facial This repairing and hydrating 3-step routine from Vitamasques includes a cleanser, sheet mask and a moisturizer for a complete facial under 20 minutes! {Retail Value: $6.99}

Beaded Lanyard Keep track of your classroom key with this beautiful handmade lanyard from It's A Star Baby. {Retail Value: $18}

Explore Notebook This sweet notebook from Ooly is perfect for recording your adventures or just jotting down everyday notes! {Retail Value: $3.50}

Jotter Pens Use your jotter pens to write in your new notebook– these pens are subscriber favorites -for a reason! {Retail Value: $4}

Double Chocolate Cookies Take your double chocolate cookies from Partake on an adventure, or just enjoy them during your prep period! {Retail Value: $2}

Laptop Sticker Keep things in perspective by reminding yourself that teaching is an adventure with this adorable laptop sticker! {Retail Value: $3.50}

Digital Downloads Scan the QR code on your info card to download exclusive desktop wallpapers, colorable maps to record your travels, and coloring pages for your students! {Retail Value: $10}

Be sure to subscribe by 5/14/22 to get the Adventure Awaits Teacher Care Crate as your first box!

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