Self-Care Tips for a Relaxing Summer

Self-Care Tips for a Relaxing Summer

When is a better time to relax and recharge than in Summer? As a teacher, you have to keep a consistent pace throughout the year, and as a result, your brain will inevitably need some downtime to refuel. Summer is the perfect opportunity to experiment with new self-care practices to help you relax and recharge. Your self-care has to be a conscious effort or the summer days will fly by without attending to yourself. Keep reading to find out how to get started on a relaxing summer of self-care!


Schedule in Self-Care

You must schedule your self-care in the same way you arranged your school classes and attend significant events. Therefore, schedule dates for self-care in your personal calendar. You'll be more likely to follow through if you write it down or put it in your digital calendar. Consider it an appointment with yourself daily! You wouldn't miss a meeting with your coworkers, so why should you miss a meeting with yourself?

Do Something Positive Every Morning.

Create a morning to include time to yourself.  Take this time to meditate, read a chapter in your favorite book, or write in a journal. You can listen to your favorite song and dance to uplift your spirit and set a positive tone for a productive day. Spending some time alone is healthy before others come rushing in. Make sure your family understands the timetable so they may support you. Let your partner know if you decide to do some self-care before everyone else wakes up so that they can assist the kids or the household during that time. 

Keep A Clean Environment.

Being organized and on top of things gives your processes and routines greater consistency and helps you manage your workload. On a daily level, stay as structured as possible. Cleaning up little difficulties is far less stressful than cleaning up a large mess of issues once a week. Discipline is required to remain in control of things and make the most of your planning time. However, it is well worth it!

Establish Healthy Boundaries. 

Just because you work in a helpful profession doesn't mean you have to be available 24/7. Teachers should prioritize as part of their self-care. Consider your priorities carefully and set out time on your calendar to complete the work you need to complete. Block off the cycling session every Tuesday and Thursday at 5 p.m. Block out Sunday evenings for family time and time to studying if you're working on a master's degree. There will always be circumstances that require flexibility but try your best to stay as close to the plan as possible. Protecting your time is one of the most crucial self-care suggestions for instructors.


Create A Network of People Who Can Help You.

Teaching is a difficult job. Create a support system of coworkers with whom you may vent and collaborate. Spending time with your teacher buddies outside of school is one of the finest ways to take care of yourself as a teacher. Remember that, no matter how important your job as an educator is, it is still a job at the end of the day. Therefore, don't allow work to consume you to the point that you neglect your family and friends. There will always be more work, but you will never get those moments back with your family and friends that you miss. Prioritize your family and strike a balance between them and work.

Keep Yourself in Good Health.

Eat healthy meals and maintain your physical well-being. Take care of yourself because your health is your only wealth. Try meal planning over the summer to practice a routine for the next school year. Or, take a spin class or a yoga class with your extra free time. When you feel well, you can achieve more and your mood will naturally excel!

Do What Makes YOU Happy. 

Don’t forget to enjoy the things that make you happy! What are the things that keep you going? Allocate 1 hour a day or a week to enjoy doing these things. For example, Paint in a fast watercolor, read a couple of chapters of that book, take your bike to the store and back, paint your nails, or take the dog for a walk. Try to avoid thinking about work while you're doing it.


Summer is the time to recharge your batteries and do the activities you enjoy with those you care about. In the end, taking care of yourself makes you a more balanced, well-rounded person, with more energy to pursue the work you enjoy. This is the perfect opportunity to experiment with new self-care practices to help you relax and recharge. Don’t let your summer days fly by without attending to yourself!

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